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David S. Phoebus
Nashville, Tennessee


A senior level hybrid UI Designer/Developer with over 20 years experience bridging the gap from concept to code. Specializing in User Interface Design & Development, Prototyping, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, E-commerce and Web Application Development, I have a unique understanding of the relationship between conceptual design and front-end architecture, and bring a passion for creating the visual and functional elements of user-focused web applications.

Professional Experience

Senior UI/UX Developer

ClearGage - Tampa, FL
Apr 2019 - Sep 2022
  • Designed and developed UI for web-based healthcare payment solutions streamlining bill collection for providers and patients
  • Utilized UX best practices to redesign UI and improve workflows in existing products for best user experience
  • Optimized front-end UI into a single code base to support all popular browsers across desktop and mobile devices
  • Constructed functional, hi-fidelity HTML prototypes for stakeholder review and interactive user testing
  • Stayed current with ADA web accessibility guidelines and implemented in projects as required
  • Built and maintained a UI pattern library to provide a reusable collection of front-end components for other developers

Senior UI Developer

Passport Health Communications / Experian Health - Franklin, TN
Sep 2012 - Mar 2019
  • Responsible for UX design and development of UI for web-based healthcare revenue cycle software suite
  • Designed UI mockups and built prototypes for new features and products
  • Developed internal web-based tools to assist workflow within the company
  • Troubleshot, maintained and updated software products through a weekly build process
  • Provide input and direction to other developers to promote best practices and standards for UI design

Senior Front-end Engineer

Athlon Sports, Inc. - Nashville, TN
Apr 2012 - Sep 2012
  • Rebuilt game engine front-end code from the ground up incorporating media queries and responsive design to render a single code base across a broad range of devices
  • Redesigned online football and racing game engine user interface for an improved user experience
  • Converted web site mock-ups to production HTML and JS/CSS driven UI
  • Assisted in design of iPad app for sports-related news and scores
  • Optimized desktop audio and video for streaming delivery

Senior UI Developer

Caxiam Group - Altamonte Springs, FL
Jun 2007 - Oct 2011
  • Collaborated with peers and clients to develop functional requirements for enterprise-level web-based applications
  • Designed and developed intuitive web application interfaces while maximizing usability and accessibility
  • Converted visual design concepts into fully prototyped, production-ready web sites to demonstrate flow and functionality
  • Hand-coded CSS and HTML semantic markup to ensure standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility
  • Optimized graphics, video and code to provide efficient and SEO-friendly delivery over the web
  • Helped develop custom back office content and product management system for data-driven front-end web sites

Lead UI Developer

WildCard Systems / eFunds, Inc. - Maitland, FL
Mar 2000 - May 2007
  • Conceptualized and prototyped commercial web applications for web-based financial products
  • Overhauled internal web applications using CSS to maximize scalability
  • Designed and optimized imagery and graphics for web site content
  • Established and maintained company-wide UI and HTML standards
  • Performed unit-testing during development to ensure projects met requirements
  • Provided marketable product HTML demos to Account Development
  • Met with clients to advise on interface requirements and functionality


  • Assembly Manager – US Patent No. 9,847,985
  • Automated User Interface Generation for Process Tracking – Publication No. 20170285879
  • Monitoring Highly Distributed Computer Systems – Publication No. 20180241835
  • Patient Financial Navigator – Patent Application Pending


  • 2018 Experian North America Idea of the Year
    Patient Financial Navigator
  • 2002 Florida Motion Picture and Television Association Crystal Reel Awards
    Editing: "The ABC's of Acting"
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When the Web started taking off several years back, I decided to make the jump to Web development. Through many years of considerable work experience in enterprise level e-commerce and application design, I've developed expert level skills in front-end web development and an enjoyment for creating the visual and functional elements of web application interfaces.
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It's been a few years, but I really enjoyed this chapter of my career and I aspire to get back into this field soon. I gained experience in several areas of post production but my primary role was Non-linear Editor. Most of the projects I worked on at the time were relatively small scale but we turned out some award-winners nonetheless.
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After college I worked for several years as a Computer Animator and loved it. I still dabble in it now and then but a long time has passed since I last worked in this field. The technology is more powerful these days and the bar has been raised, but at the time, my work held its own. One project won me an award, and I created another to 'win' my wife.
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I've been drawing as far back as I can remember but I've never really had any formal training in it. I won a few art contests growing up and took home some drafting trophies in high school and for a while I was on track to become an architect. However, by the time I got to college my interests had shifted to computer animation.
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